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Virtual assistance is something that businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs rely on as a means to deliver a service to save time and allow a maximum opportunity to promote advancement and growth. By taking reoccurring and simple tasks that can be learned and enhanced by a number of different individuals it allows the people who can bring a company to new heights to have the time to truly make it happen.

PrintAmong the Virtual assistant field is the company known at Zirtual—What you are about to read is an analysis and opinion on exactly what they have to deliver

About  Zirtual

Zirtual has the theme put into place of ‘passionate about making their clients lives easier’ and they follow-through by specializing in:

  • Scheduling- Whether it’s a business trip or an important meeting this can be a very time consuming task—finding the right individual to take care of it for key individuals of a company allows a free up of time that can be used in a number of ways.
  • Research- This can be applied in a useful manner in a number of ways—whether its researching a potential place to stay on a trip for business, a vacation, or even simply pricing around on various kinds of products. Research is an ability that can be applied anywhere.
  • Reservation- Calling in reservations can lead to long hold times, poor staff and an overall loss in time that could be much better applied in another manner.
  • Administrative tasks- This could be anything from filing, coordination of communication, and several other tasks computer and phone related.

The layout of service specialty is clear, concise, and easy to follow. This is an immediate thing I recognize and it is vitally important to the success of a websites layout.


The pricing on Zirtual is initially camouflaged—this is because they have reached a point of success in which they are an invite only company. You have to request an invitation and once they evaluate you and decide whether or not they can meet what you are looking for a choice to move forward or not will be made.

While some may frown toward this I feel it’s important to notate the fact that it isn’t a bad thing. This means you are dealing with a qualified provider of service that has met a point of establishment that they can afford to be choosey—and that should encourage a desire to become involved with them.

Once you pass this initial selection process there is a choice of:

  • $197 a month for 10 hours of service
    • This can be applied toward whatever tasks may come up that you need to delegate. You will have a dedicated assistant assigned directly to you so you can establish a relationship over time.
    • $397 a month for 20 hours
      • This offers the additional option of same-day support and the increase in hours allows a much better grip on getting several tasks done within the span of a month.

There are often various promotional codes as well to discount the expense of this service that can be found on the web—which establishes an additional incentive to try them out.

The professional establishment Zirtual has made in the virtual assistant community is something that was earned over time by providing a service on a consistent basis that people were happy with. It should be notated again that because there is an ‘invite’ process it shouldn’t discourage potential consumers, it should invigorate the desire to want to be involved with them more than ever.

Representatives of Zirtual

The employees of this particular company are screened thoroughly in a number of different ways. They have seven different steps they take before employing anyone—they include:

  • Background checks
  • Personality tests
  • Social background checks

To name a few, and once employed they receive 4 weeks of in-depth training before handling their first client. The percentage given to ‘hiring VS applying’ for this particular company is at a 3%. That means the competition is incredibly high to become a member of this team—for consumers this means they get the very best.

The reviews associated with Zirtual from the perception of clients are incredibly high. The satisfaction delivered from this company is clear and defined—they promise the delivery of a service with top notch employees—and they follow through with exactly that.

Zirtual Overview

The thing to consider most about companies like this is the competition of skill VS expense, and almost always it will be worth it to invest a little bit more to establish the security of knowing the service you’re bringing on board is going to be worth your time.

The greatest strength that Zirtual has going for it is its reputation—reputation doesn’t develop overnight, it’s something that is accumulated and generated over the course of time. Zirtual achieved a strong reputation that makes them known for delivering top notch skill completion from individuals that are more than capable.

Several of the employees are college educated and not only that but the hiring process to get involved with the company is very thorough. This means that the individuals providing the work from this company have gone through several different modes of evaluation and have come out standing.


The pricing layout is established in a fair manner and the dedicated assistant provision is something that several companies charge more for. The benefit to a dedicated assistants is the ability to become familiar with one another over time and understand how one another work and what one another look for.

Zirtual is a company that works based on invitation for good reason, they are among the very top of the list for providers of virtual assistance and there are very few companies that can compete and deliver something more genuine and solid than this company. A website that delivers their services and abilities clear and a reputation that speaks so it doesn’t have to. What more could you possibly ask for?



 Please leave your comments below if you’ve ever worked with zirtual.com. Your experiences with this company can help others pick the right Virtual Assistant company for them.

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